Shares of Clal Insurance Business Holdings are held by the public, without controlling shareholder, and are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.






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Investors Relations

Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors and Committees Members

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Our Vision

To be the leading group in the insurance and long-term savings market in Israel; one which aims to increase the value of the company

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Canaf - Clal Financial Management - is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clal Insurance – and functions as the investment arm of Clal Insurance group

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Public Inquiries

How To Address to the Commissioner of Public Inquiries

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Clal Insurance Company Ltd. Rating

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Financial Statements

Financial Statements

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Yuval UK Branch

Notice in regard of policies written By Clal Insurance Company Ltd. – Yuval UK Branch (the "Yuval-Clal UK Branch")

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Company's Presentations

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Procedure meetings

Procedure for meetings between officers and Shareholders

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Press Releases

Press Releases by Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings on its Financial Results

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Corporate Reports

Clal Insurance and Finance Corporate Responsibility Report

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Clal Structure

Description of Clal group companies

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Shareholders Clal Insurance Company


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Senior Managment

  • Yoram Naveh

    C.E.O Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd
  • Eldad Eran

    Executive VP, Head of Health Insurance Division
  • Elite Caspi

    Executive VP, Head of Non-Life Insurance Division
  • Hadar Brin Weiss

    Executive VP, General Counsel
  • Moshe Ernst

    Executive VP, Head of Long-Term Savings Division
  • Shlomo Tamman

    Executive VP, Business Unit Manager
  • Galli Schved

    Executive VP, Director of Marketing and Startegy
  • Liat Strauss

    Executive VP, Service and Operations Unit Manager
  • Avi Ben Noon

    Executive VP, Chief Risk Officer
  • Dror Sessler

    Executive VP, Claims Unit Manager
  • Eran Shahaf

    Executive VP, Chief Internal Auditor
  • Eran Czerninski

    Executive VP, Head of Financial Division
  • Barak Benski

    Executive VP, Head of Investment Division
  • Miri Gelbort

    Executive VP, CEO Clal IT
  • Debbie Farkash Ollech

    Chief Actuary
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