About Clal Insurance

About Clal Insurance


Clal Insurance is one of the leading insurance and long term savings companies in Israel.

Shares of Clal Insurance Business Holdings are held by the public, with no controlling shareholder, and are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Clal Insurance is rated ilAA+ by Standard & Poor's Maalot and Aa1.il by Midroog.

As of the end of 2019, Clal Insurance held 14% market share in the insurance market in terms of gross premiums earned and managed NIS 220 billion worth of assets.

The company offers a wide range of services and products to private and corporate customers, such as non-life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, study funds, provident funds, pension funds, etc.

Clal Insurance employs approximately 4,500 people and markets its products through 2,000 insurance agents, all of whom provide quality service and professional support to their customers.

Clal devotes considerable effort to improving the service to its agents and customers, while leading a digital revolution enabling immediate service - anywhere and anytime.

Clal Insurance consists of three insurance divisions: Non-Life Insurance, Long-Term Savings and Health Insurance.

Non-Life Insurance Division

The General Insurance domain in Clal Group is among the largest in Israel.

The division holds a 10% market share and offers coverage to private and corporate customers.

The Non-Life Insurance Division offers a wide range of insurance plans: automotive, property, liability, marine insurance, personal accidents, guarantees and additional services.

The Division`s strategy is to grow their private customer base - automotive, private residences and small businesses, while understanding the unique needs of its diverse customers.


Long-Term Savings Division

The Long-Term Savings Division holds a 13.4% market share of the long-term savings market, as defined by the Commissioner of Insurance.

The Long-Term Savings Division manages long-term assets, including life insurance, pension and provident funds. The Division also provides comprehensive solutions to private and corporate customers in all sectors of the Israeli economy.

Among the division's customers are large corporations and many residents of the State of Israel.

Its objectives are to support the company's distribution channels and become a professional benchmark, helping to improve company business results, profitability and value, while emphasizing quality of service.

The division offers a variety of savings options, enabling its customers to maintain a strong, solid economic foundation in the event of death, accident or loss of earning capacity. It also offers a variety of pension funds designed to guarantee a monthly income for life in the event of retirement, disability, or death, enabling economic stability for the future even in difficult times.

The Health Insurance Division

The Health Insurance Division offers a wide range of products for individuals, families and groups, specializing in comprehensive solutions for specific market segments such as women and children.

Clal Insurance holds an 11% market share of the sickness and hospitalization insurance market in Israel and offers health insurance products such as surgeries in Israel and overseas, transplants, medications, critical illness, long-term care, personal accidents, travel insurance and more.

The Health Insurance Division's vision is to establish Clal as a leading, innovative and professional company in the field of health and nursing care insurance, while providing a professional and timely service to its agents and customers. The division focuses on technological innovation as well as on developing a range of innovative health insurance products, enabling flexibility in creating health insurance packages tailored for each client, based on their needs and financial status. Each package is either derived from existing packages, or custom-built for each customer.

The Health Insurance Division is constantly growing, and is proud to provide quality service to 400,000 members insured under private insurance plans as well as an additional 2,000,000 members insured under group insurance plans.


* The data is updated as of 2019

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