Investment strategy

Canaf's Strengths

Canaf operates within an investment strategy which integrates the financial and economic data into a macro-economic forecast. The investment committees and the board of the directors approve the investment policy on a yearly basis, and supervise Canaf's investment activity.


Canaf's investment universe includes a balanced variety of markets and investment classes both in Israel and globally with the aim of achieving optimal yields for policy holders.


Canaf invests in a variety of tradeable assets: stocks, government bonds, corporate bonds and foreign currency, and non-tradeable assets: loans, infrastructure projects, tech-firms, private equity funds, mortgages, real estate, and other non-tradeable investments. Canaf aims to diversify its investments in order to maximize investment opportunities and to minimize

investment risks.


Highly experienced team and professional investment units


Canaf operates professional units with in-depth expertise in the various investment channels, all to enable investment managers to receive at all times the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and clear picture of potential investments and the structure of the invstment porfolio


The Nostro unit and Policy holders unit carry out investment decisions in separate trading rooms. The investment managers of each unit operate under the supervision of the investment committees, subject to the guidelines of the Board of Directors and provisions of investment regulations.


The Research unit regularly and exclusively provides financial valuations and reports on the financial soundness of companies. The unit includes senior and highly experienced analysts who conduct daily research on the companies, sectors and markets in their

specific fields of specialization, in Israel and globally.


The Research and strategy unit provides market reviews and decision-supporting financial information for Canaf's investment

activities. This activity includes information gathering on the various trends developing in the financial market.


The Mutual funds and non-marketable stocks units specialize in investing in private equity funds in Israel and abroad, and in

private companies in a variety of industries such as technology, healthcare, real estate and more.


The Credit and infrastructure units specialize in providing tailormade loans to companies and entities in Israel and abroad, as well as in providing credit or purchasing shares of infrastructure projects.


The Construction financial assistance unit deals with the assistance to residential projects in Israel, as well as the issuance of collateral pursuant to the Apartment Sale Act. The unit operates independently and in cooperation with the banking system.


The Mortgage unit deals with providing mortgage loans and reverse mortgages. Clal Insurance & Finance is the leading non-bank entity is Israel that issues mortgages independently.


The Domestic real estate unit specialize in purchase of real estate properties, such as offices, commercial and logistics space, and the management of the property portfolio in Israel.


The International real estate unit is responsible for identifying opportunities and the purchase of real estate worldwide, either directly or through collaborations with leading funds and entities.


The Treasury unit manages the Group's cash flow and operates in the money and foreign exchange markets. It is also responsible for the relationship with domestic and foreign banks and brokers and for the operational aspects of Canaf's investment activities.


The Economics, control and procedures unit is responsible for the supervision of the work procedures and integrations between all Canaf units, as part of Clal's control system. The unit is also responsible for economic analysis projects at the division's headquarters.


The Professional staff unit provides legal counsel to the division and also includes the activities of the middle office, investment control and IT relations.


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