About Clal's Investment Division – Canaf

About Clal's Investment Division – Canaf


Canaf - Clal Financial Management - is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clal Insurance – and functions as the investment arm of Clal Insurance group.


Canaf is responsible for managing assets totaling approximately NIS 200 billion, including Clal policy holders, pension, provident, advanced training and profit-sharing (Manager's Insurance) funds, as well as the Clal Group's equity and insurance reserves (nostro).


Canaf considers the values of professionalism, excellence, and innovation in all its activities, and its goal is to obtain a fair long-term yield for policy holders and maximize its income from nostro account investments, under a defined risk/reward ratio and the characteristics of the portfolios.



The size of assets managed by Canaf provides a significant competitive advantage

This is reflected in its accessibility to special transactions, and cooperation and development of mutual strategic relationships with international research and investment institutions.


Experience and competitiveness

Canaf's professional staff includes about 60 investment managers and analysts specializing in various fields of investments. The investment managers make use of an advanced research and strategy departments, support and control units, an effective trading execution arm and a variety of resources for economic and financial data. All this is intended to ensure that the investment managers have a competitive advantage thus enabling them to focus on achieving their objectives on a daily basis, namely: obtaining a fair long-term yield for policy holders and maximizing income from nostro investments.


The investment committees

The investment activity of each of the policy holders funds is supervised by designated investment committees. The investment committees are composed of a variety of multi-disciplinary experts with extensive business and academic experience, and includes a majority of independent directors. The committees convene at least once every two weeks and more frequently if necessary.

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